New Year's Foodolution

14th January 2013

We are not even mid way through the first month of the New Year yet and I have already managed to try out several new eateries (I’m not quite sure if I should be embarrased by this or not…?).

So with a friend who’s birthday is only 3 days into January off to Finchley I went for an authentic Greek meze at Flames. Mezes are a pretty meaty/fishy affair, but Flames was very accomodating and offered me an alternative dish to the fish and meat coures at a reduced price (£15). To be honest the starters are my favourite bit anyway and as luck would have it the majority of the dishes are usually vegan too. Thus begins the story of how I actually filled myself up on several platefuls of starter meaning I did not have room for the main when it arrived anyway.

Pita and selection of the starter dishes 1 of many plates: beetroot, hummus, aubergine, potato salad, bean salad, tabouleh

My replacement vegan course was essentially roasted vegetables, by this point I was so completely full but gave it a good attempt. It was not nearly as good as the starter dishes, but the rice was amazing, a Mediterraean version of pilaf which had cinnamon in it.

Vegetable kebab

Finished off with an incidentally vegan dessert.

Then followed the first dinner of the year with Sash. A trip to the Japanese restaurant Shabu Shabu on the top floor of Whole Foods Market Kensington. You can read Sash’s blog about it here but it’s essentially a cook it yourself meal and make sure you wear something layers if you go so you can strip off!  It gets a bit hot what with the simmering broth right in front of you in which you put your veggies and noodles.

The miso dressing on the left was really good, but be warned it’s super healthy, by the time I got home I was hungry again…

My lastest trip was to Yummy V a vegan Chinese in Harrow, on my radar since my last trip to Harrow and endorsed by a couple of Tweeps (@Londonlime and @GaryHJones) – they were right, it is yummy (ba-dum ching)!

Accompanied by Baba we went a bit overboard with the order t’was the excitement of it all, so had to take some left overs home (in addition to the lemon chicken and ma po tofu takeaway for Mr Ikeda).

Baba was keen for the crispy aromatic duck with pancakes, I am quite happy with duckless pancakes but it was nice to have that little bit extra for a change.

Crispy aromoatic duck (£7.50)

Wanton soup was another choice made by Baba and a good one. I was a bit hesitant as sometimes the broth can be tasteless but it was all good. The wanton had any unnervingly authentic meaty filling, this is where having an omni dining partner comes in handy as she didn’t think it was real meat at all.

Best wanton soup ever (£3.80)

They have a large selection of dim sum of which I could quite happily had nothing but, I have never seen veggie sui mai before, it’s usually pork.

Siu mai (£2.40) and crystal dumpling (£2.40) in background

Probably the most disappointing dish, but not because of the taste was the ribs. I was expecting something different, the texture was very similar to the crispy duck.

Capital spare ribs

The lemon chicken (£4.80) was maybe my favourite of all, the ma po tofu (£4.20) is a dish of mince and tofu, but the Yummy V version comes without any meat substitute and the sauce was a little gloopy however Mr Ikeda ate it quite happily which is praise indeed.

Later that evening…a snack plate: ma po tofu, lemon chicken and capital spare ribs

Yummy V on Urbanspoon

Long may the reign of tasting out new eateries continue!

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