Labour Day

30th January 2013

So here we are, month 9 already, it really has gone by so quickly and yet has also felt like an eternity (not being able to move like a normal person or see your feet soon loses entertainment value). When I realised I was getting close to a time when Baby Ikeda could possible make an early appearance those maternal hormones kicked in and gave me a kick up the bum. A million things began whirling around in my head and several lists appeared as a result.

First thing was hospital bags, these need to be done in advance, should I cry ‘the baby is coming!’ in the middle of the night, then would not be the time to start packing. And as we all know, a lady needs stuff, and a baby requires infinitesmal amounts of stuff.

Our nappy bag of choice has always been LeSportSac, the original one is still in use. Even though the Lil Man is out of nappies now, we have to carry medicine around for his nut allergy so it’s easier to keep it in the same bag to which can be added that’s days choice of cars/trains and a colouring book/crayons plus snacks and a drink (yes ‘stuff’ is still required even at 4). Of course with two children a bigger bag is required, so during my first trip to NY last year I picked up this snazzy number, I realise now probably not the most practical colour, I don’t imagine the white stripes will be staying white for very long…

Mr Ikeda was promptly sent up to the attic to retrieve new born paraphanalia which then had to be washed and sorted. This time round we do not know if it is a boy or a girl,  although I am not worried about putting a girl in blue. The Lil Man was always mistaken for a girl even if he was in head to toe blue when he was a baby (<- hmmm is this is the kind of embarrassing things mum say to unintentionally torture their children?).

I have a group of friends with whom I have been saving and handing down clothes for years now. It always makes me smile when one of my friends will recognise an outfit on the Lil Man because it is something that used to belong to her son.

I have stocked up on Beaming Baby essentials, some disposable nappies and wipes to keep me going through the initial shock of coping with a baby again. Then it will be back onto the resuables, and on recommendation from Cherry some reusable wipes. These have come on a long way from the ones I looked at about 4 years ago, these just used to be squares of cloth that you then had to keep in your own Tupperware and add essential oils if you so wished. Now they have a company specialising in it with whole fancy kits and microfiberness.

Amber teething necklace
Fuzzi Bunz nappies
Natural baby moisturiser -Organic olive oil (nothing like a baby that smells like a Greek salad ;))

Nipples. There I said it, now it’s out the way I can discuss them.

I breastfed for the Lil Man for 7 months, it did not come naturally to me, I never found it easy, but I did it for as long as I could because I knew it was good for him. I expressed as well despite not really being a great milk producer because I also felt it was important for Mr Ikeda to feed and bond with the baby.

NUK glass bottles

Therefore I know I will be definitely be needing Lilypadz and some nipple cream. I tried Earth Mama Angel Baby last time but it didn’t really live up to the job, I was hoping by now there would more vegan options, typically non vegan versions will contain either beeswax or lanolin. There doesn’t seem to have been much in the way of new products, so I have been looking into organic coconut oil and shea butter as alternatives. If anyone has any recommendations me and my nipples would really appreciate it!

Amber breastfeeding bracelets – to help with mummy’s aches and pains and also remind which breast to feed from next (if you can remember to swap it to the other wrist!)

I will as I did last time, be taking a years maternity leave and am really looking forward to meeting our new family member and seeing how the Lil Man interacts with them. Hopefully I will finally get round to my baby e-book I have been meaning to do for like a zillion years but in the meantime you can search on this handy tag ‘green baby‘ for more baby related blogs.



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