Easter Egg Guide 2013

15th February 2013

Finished all your Valentine’s chocolates now? Good news, it is time to think about Easter chocolates!!

After a serious Easter egg fail last year I am making sure I don’t miss out again.

And so you don’t miss out either here’s what vegan eggs you can pick up this year (please note some of the brands mentioned below carry ‘may contain’ warnings so always check the packaging if you prefer to avoid products that may be cross contaminated):

Hotel Chocolat

This year they don’t appear to have another £40 monster egg that they did last year, instead:

£8 Serious Dark Wrap Easter Egg Sandwich 100g

They also have a couple of other vegan Easter themed chocolates.

Moo Free

If there’s one egg you can rely on seeing every year it’s this one.

£4.25 (at Animal Aid) Organic Dairy Free Easter Egg 100g



£3.00 Small Dark Chocolate Easter Egg 55g
£4.25 Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs 125g

The mini eggs are perfect for hiding all over the house for a real Easter egg hunt, although I doubt the Lil Man is going to be keen on dark chocolate.

Booja Booja

The prettiest eggs ever? Who wouldn’t be happy to find a beautiful hand crafted egg filled with delicious Booja Booja truffles during an egg hunt? They come in different flavours and two different sizes, shop around for the best prices.

£10-£30 Organic tuffle egg 35g-150g

Celtic Chocolate

There are 3 Easter eggs under their Choices range, caramel, a ‘milk’ chocolate and a white chocolate. You can pick these up at selected Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Holland & Barrett and A Bar of Chocolate.

£3.29 Choices Caramel Easter Egg 125g
£2.29 Choices White Chocolate Easter Egg 65g
£3.29 Choices Dairy Free Easter Egg 125g


£5.49 Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs with Almond Praline 160g
£7.99 Organic Dark Chocolate Chunky Egg 150g
£7.99 Organic Dark Chocolate & Cocoa Nibs Eco-Egg 150g
£34.99 Luxury Giant Ecuadorian Dark Egg 600g
NB you need to call Montezuma direct to have a special dark chocolate only version of this made which will take 5 days.

They also have some dark chocolate bunnies which are suitable for vegans.


They appear to have one egg that may be suitable, although ingredients are not listed on the website.

£6.50 Dark Chunky Egg 320g

Green and Blacks

They have several dark chocolate eggs but you might be put off by their confusing ‘no milk’ listed in the ingredients, yet ‘contains milk’ labelling.

The Chocolate Wendy House

Wendy’s hand made vegan Easter egg combo has already sold out! But you can still get hold of her cream eggs and she also has some bunny chocolate too.

£1.20 Vegan cream egg (image via Whole Food Vegan)


Also look out for ‘free from/dairy free’ eggs at larger supermarkets. You may find own branded options or Kinnerton who do a dark chocolate egg, it doesn’t look like they are doing their character children’s versions this year though.


Something I definitely want to do next year as it’s tricky finding eggs for the Lil Man because of his nut allergy. Look out for Easter egg moulds in cooking supply shops/online (Lakeland, Ebay etc) to make your own, melt down vegan chocolate, then fill them up with treats of your own choosing also. Sounds  easy peasy and fun to me. 🙂


Let me know if I have missed anything!




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  • Oooh there’s such a great selection. I haven’t had an Easter egg for the past few years. I think it’s a bit lame to buy myself one but for some reason since I turned 18 my Mum seems to have stopped buying me one 🙁 I need to drop a big hint that I still want one!

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