Banoffee pudding

23 February 2013

I had a couple of bits (food items) purchased in NYC last year that I hadn’t yet eaten.  Yes you are quite right to gasp in amazement.  Especially when put together they make a banoffee pudding.

What kept me away?  Well I probably forgot about them for awhile and then there is that healthy eating New Year resolution thing….  The main thing is that I rediscovered them again.

I picked up a Dr Oetker butterscotch pudding mix packet from wholefoods.

I added the mix to a saucepan with 2 cups of hazelnut milk, stirred while heating & turned it off after 1 min boiling.  According to the packer you can eat it warm or cold.  I have tried both and liked them both :-).

Packet number 2 purchased from wholefoods in NYC is a box of whipped cream.  As far as I know there is only spray can cream available in the UK.  There use to be a packet one but I can’t find it anywhere.  I am not a fan of the spray can, sorry it just doesn’t agree with me…..

The instructions are to tip out content & whisk on high for a minute or two.

This cream is thick & creamy.  There are hints of coconut but its not overpower which is probably due to the cashew & almond nuts.  So once open & whipped it will last in the fridge for 2 weeks.  I think that’s unlikely, it will be consumed long before its best before date!

With no biscuits in the house & not inclination to bake any this pudding starts with banana…

Followed by a scoop or two of cool, thick butterscotch pudding

And then a generous dollop of thick whipped vegan cream

A sprinkle of cocoa powder…

The finishing tough is a banana

Let me present the final banoffee pudding…..  May as well enjoy it while it lasts as I am quite sure I can’t pick the ingredients up in the UK!  If you have seen any of them would you let me know where? 🙂

There is some surplus to use up.  Maybe I will pop out and buy some biscuits. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Banoffee pudding”

  • Funnily enough I have that pudding mix sitting around too! I was kindly sent in a parcel of US goodies ages ago and keep forgetting to use it. Definitely going to jazz it up as per your suggestions..will probably add the crumbled biscuits too for a full banoffee bonanza!

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