Review: O'Dough

24th February 2013

Well if ever there was a long over due blog, it is this one.  Actually two years over due, and the fact that we are still using this organic, gluten and wheat free playdough (top items we have been making recently are pancakes, birthday cakes and chocolates) really impressed me. Of course we no longer have pots of pretty pastel O’Dough, it’s all a kinda off purple colour now it’s been mushed together (parental cries of ‘don’t mix the playdough!’ echo around the world) but it still does the job.


It doesn’t look like they do the set that I purchased anymore which was the O’Dough Cup Cake Set (£14.99 incl P&P), this came with a rolling pin, silicone cupcake cases  and 5 tubs of O’Dough.

As well as being super environmentally friendly in terms of ingredients and packaging (and Vegan Society certified), it also helps to develop skills and stimulate your toddler. The Lil Man came up with using it with stamps he had for painting himself, which just shows it’s been getting those cogs turning in that brain of his. Of course it is more expensive than Play-Doh but I like to support smaller vegan companies when I can, in terms of value for money we have had two years worth of play out of it and it’s still in good condition (we always put it away in air tight tupperware when we are done with it).

Plus it’s fun for adults too. 🙂

(Another option is to make it yourself, there are lots of homemade playdough recipes floating around on the internet, it’s essentially salt, flour, water and food colouring).

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