UK Vegan Food Swap February 2013

26th February 2013

Swap update time, thankfully I managed to hold of giving birth until I had sorted out the February swap. Yes all sorts of things go on behind the scenes at THV! And what a cracking swap it’s been, the gods of randomness paired me up with two swappers that I am aquainted with!

My parcel went out to Manchester and Caroline who blogs over at Tea and Sympatico. She has been swapping with us almost since the beginning, and I managed to send her a box of goodies filled with things she had never tried before. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? 😉

Lucky LUCKY me my parcel came from that pink haired wonder @pinkprimate. She’s one of the lovely vegans I have had the good fortune to get to know through Twitter/vegan events. My parcel was filled with homebaked goodies galore, sweet and savory. Getting something homemade was pretty exciting and has not happened that often for me and I think makes a food swap parcel really personal. I am hoping to do more of this in my parcels now I have some time(ish) on my hands. Yay for maternity leave!

  1. Herby mushroom slice – left slightly undercooked so I could reheat in the oven. This was a VERY welcome snack during one of my 4am wake ups (sleep and 9 months of pregnancy were not mixing well for me).
  2. Two types of flapjack – chocolate topped chai coconut flapjack and cocoa cherry.
  3. The apple, carrot and ginger breakfast biscuits were my favourite of the sweet goods you can find the recipe here.
  4. Plus a whole heap of other bits and bobs perfect for snacking.
  5. I would have also had raw crackers if not for an unforseen technical issue with a dehydrator. Damn you unforseen technical issue!

February 2013 Vegan Food Swap Blog Roll

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