15th March 2013

A few of the things I am loving at the moment:

♥ Unless you’re living under a rock at the moment you can’t have failed to hear that UK Oreos are now vegan. Hear the rejoicing of vegans all over the country who have long been jealous of their US counterparts. The Lil Man is hooked and is of the twist, lick and dunk school of devouring.

Lulu Guiness for Comic Relief tote. I couldn’t resist, and money goes to charity. Win – win right?!

♥ Hinamatsuri. Or Girl’s Day is celebrated annually (on the 3rd of March) in Japan. One of Baba’s friends who is 80 years old is still given ornamental dolls, the traditional gift, every year and very kindly gave us one set in light of our newest female edition to the family.

♥ Vegickon wrap from D Spot. We can’t get a decent Chinese or Indian where we live but we can get a vegan chicken wrap and vegan cheese topped pizzas (from two different pizzerias no less). Weird huh?!

Hold the mayo!

♥  Linda McCartney food in a pot. Yes it is annoying that ‘she’ insists on putting egg and dairy in some other items (like the prawns and scampi), but I actually quite liked the chilli non carne with rice from the new chilled range, especially as the rice is mixed right on in there.

♥ Okay. So I am lying a little bit about this one. But the bottle is cute and I am sure I will grow to love accustomed to the taste of it…plus it is good for me. Anyone else actually like kombucha?



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