Review: Faith In Nature & Green People

19th March 2013

The very kind people at Big Green Smile offered us the opportunity to review some of their vegan products from the extensive selection on their website. It was especially nice to be contacted by them as I have ordered my cleaning bits and bobs from them before so was familiar with the company. Sash went for some ecoballs, I thought I would try something from the Faith in Nature skin care range plus another item from the Green People Organic Babies range.

Faith in Nature restorative hand cream £6.25

I have only ever used Faith in Nature’s shampoo’s and hand washes. In fact I have almost come to the end of my 5 litre (yep, that’s what she said) pomegranate and rooibus shampoo, I like that you can get these big containers of it both for environmental reasons in terms of packaging and also it means you don’t have to worry about running out for a while. Their move into the skincare market is fairly recent (2010), over the last couple of years I have found my hands getting dry from copious amounts of cooking, baking, washing, cleaning etc which has been increased recently with the arrival of our baby and no helped by the fact that I have shunned rubber gloves for about the last 4 years. My hands are in desperate need of some restoration!

First off I did like the pump dispensor, although really it doesn’t quite fit in with my previous observation about environmentally friendly packaging, but it does give it that feel of a proper quality product. The cream itself has a pleasant light fragrance and left my hands feeling silky, but watch out for the application amount, too much and the hands are left feeling greasy (easily remedied by rubbing the excess into whatever bare skin I have available :)).

I have been using it so much I wished I had two to leave by the sinks in the kitchen and the bathroom, at the moment I seem to carrying it around the house with me, and then misplacing and wandering around some more looking for it (<- this partly due to the phenomenon know as ‘baby brain’ am sure). That said, it’s being used up pretty quickly, 50ml will have lasted me about a month but it seems to be amongst the mid priced range of organic ingredient hand care products.

Green People Organic Babies baby wash and shampoo £6.89

Organic is even more important to me when it comes to my children especially when they are babies. I avoided bubble bath completely till the Lil Man was old enough to know what bubbles actually were. Finding a ‘natural’ bubble bath that actually bubbles decently has been not been easy, I am guessing the chemicals in the regular stuff have a lot to do with it. However I was impressed with the the Organic Babies baby wash, which I have been using as bubble bath and added bonus is that it doesn’t require a lot either to get a bubbly bath.

Behold! The bubbles!


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