New Girl

28th March 2013

So, our little girl is 5 weeks old, I am enjoying her smiles when she is awake, marvelling at her blonde hair and currently blue eyes, and melting every time the Lil Man gives her a kiss.

Apart from tiredness I am pretty much recovered from labour (FYI they were not joking when they called it that). Obviously the one thing that hasn’t returned is my pre-pregnancy body shape.

I wouldn’t normally be too worried about getting back to the old me so quickly, but the prospect of being a bridesmaid in October has made me a little nervous. I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself though especially as I am breast feeding, I wouldn’t dream of dieting and run the risk of affecting my milk supply. Instead as well as not denying myself anything (but being sensible about it), I am working my way through Isa Chandra’s Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipesand have been managing to cook up recipes whilst Baby is napping and the Lil Man is at nursery. I didn’t buy the book originally for the weight loss aspect, but for the wholesome sounding recipes using quinoa, lentils and tofu (mmmmm). Moi, a stereotypical vegan?

The recipes are filling, full of healthy ingredients and making from scratch means there is no rubbish which is assuring as whatever I eat Baby is getting too.

Butternut coconut rice
Quinoa puttenseca
Arabian lentil and rice soup. Served with gyoza.
Curried scrambled tofu with left over Chinese vegetables
Portobello pepper steak stew I used shiitake mushrooms and Fry’s chunky strips instead of seitan.

Before the second, or is it third winter we have had (??) occurred I was combing this with long walks, the Lil Man enjoys going out on his scooter and it is also a good way of getting Mr Ikeda out walking too, a perfect family activitiy.

During pregnancy I was introduced to Tara Lee (girl crush!) by a friend and really enojyed her pregnancy yoga DVD, so much I bought the follow up one – Yoga  for you and your Baby (hmm yoga too, I realise I am not exactly toppling that stereotype here!). I am hoping slow and steady will win the ‘race’.


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