5th April 2013

A few of the things I am loving at the moment:

♥ Maternity leave.  It’s a double edged sword,  obviously a year off work is undeniably the best thing in the world. It is so good having more time with family and to do things I enjoy like blogging, cooking, discovering new vegan places to visit. Yet,  I will miss my work colleagues who luckily are awesome, because the thing about working is you end up spending more time with these people than your family.

I also have friends I would see more of because we all worked in the city, making it easier to meet up for a quick coffee, lunch or dinner.

You used to be able to find me at White cross market, Chilango’s, Pilpels, Poncho 8, West Cornwall Pasty Company, Hummus Bros or the Salad Man on Leather Lane (well that’s what Pat and I called him, he occupies the other side of the shop of King of Falafel).

A beautiful tasty mess from the Salad Man

New Girl. Season 2 has not long started. Watch it!

Melissa Shoes. I wasn’t 100% sure about the gold, but they were on sale and I am forever optimistic that we will at some point in my life time have a prolonged period of mild weather in which I can wear them.

Melissa Campana Zig Zag

♥ Maple bacon popcorn. We were sent a sample of Hickory Bacon Salt to try out and all I could think about whilst I was waiting for it to arrive was using it on popcorn. Recipe is here and Bacon Salt have given us a discount code BACONTHV for you to get 10% of your order.

♥ Vegan cheese slices. I tried some new brands of vegan cheese, and can I just say to the vegan cheese market – well done you!

There isn’t much between the Violife and Jeezini I happily chomped my way through both, particularly on toast.

Not tried the Veganic pizza cheese yet, but I hear that Karma Free Pizza have switched from Redwoods Cheezly to it so it must be good!

♥ Vegan cream cheese. Having a bit of a cream cheese revivial in our house at the moment (although there doesn’t seem to be any type of cheese escaping my grasp these days), on bagels or potato farls but always with fresh sliced tomato and black pepper.







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