Tales from the Bathroom Cabinet

11th April 2013

The moral of today’s story is that it pays well to clear out the old bathroom cabinet every once in while. Several vials of long forgotten potions were rediscovered recently, all pushed right to the deepest darkest depths of cabinet.

That there is a bottle of Laid Bare facial serum, and very nice it smells too, however it has been sitting boxed and unopened in my cupboard since the grand ‘time to start a facial skincare routine’ declaration of 2011. You can tell how that went. It also looks like they have completely changed thier packaging since I bought it. Oops. I am using it now, although I am not sure whether the expiration period runs from when you buy it or when you open it…

Also in the darkest recesses of the cabinet lies the lip balm graveyard.

I have something of a penchant for lip balm. I don’t know if this is partly due to the fact I have had trouble finding one that was up to the job. My quest for the perfect balm has also seen me work my way through Green People, Visionary Soap Company and Lush offerings. Rather than soothing and moisturising my lips however, they always seemed to be even drier afterwards.

Then I discovered Superdrugs Little Tins. These are their own brand vegan and BUAV approved equivalent of Vaseline which have adorned my desk at work and lived in my handbags for the last year or so. Then of course I came across an article berating the use of petroleum jelly based lip products. Apparently they don’t actually moisturise your lips at all (really?? My lips beg to differ), it is a by-product of the oil industry so it not from a renewable resource and it is not a natural product. Ok this I get so petroleum free I decided to go.

And that cabinet clear out? Revealed an unused stick of Hurraw! – vegan, organic, natural – just what the doctor ordered. I was hesitant because of previous experience but hurraw! (sorry). It has not dried out my lips, and sorted out the Lil Man who suffers with the cold weather. Now it’s a case of deciding on which flavours next, I always have to keep one in every bag because I can never find the damn things when I need them.

You can read about my last investigations for options here, which is out of date now, but there are new contenders now which I am excited about trying and you can buy most of them at CutECOsmetics!

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