L♥ve: Baby Edition

19th April 2013

A special edition of all things baby related I am loving at the moment:

♥ Baby grows with built in mittens. Since the major design fault of scratch mittens is that they never stay on!!!!

Occasionally little fingers do escape

♥ Dribble bibs. These days the kids are looking like bandana bandits.

Your money or your life

Totsbots nappy bin. Mr Ikeda’s one gripe the last time we used resuable nappies was the smell the nappies waiting to be washed caused in the bathroom. This time around I bought a nappy bin to try and allieviate the problem, so far so good!

Cheeky Wipes. I decided to take another look at the Cheeky Wipes website and they happened to be having a 25% discount across all their products as it is Real Nappy Week so I bought 2 sets, one for bums and one for faces.

♥ Organic golden camellia oil. Usually I would be smothering Baby in organic olive oil after bathing but I was sent some new oil to try by Gentle Bodycare. It sounds like a bit of a super dooper wonder oil (recommended for skin, hair, lips and nails) and would be ideal for a baby suffering with skin problems, apparently it’s also good for stretch marks but it’s too late for me! It has a spray top which makes application really easy and has no smell, unlike the olive oil…

♥ Converse booties.

Fuzzi Bunz drying on the washing line. More sun please!!

♥ Baby Punk. For some unknown reason both my children have/had baby mohicans.




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