Chez Mitsu

27 April 2013

Visiting the lovely Mitsu is always a pleasure.  Great company, great food and usually an exchange of vegan items of some description.

Great food this time includes Mitsu’s home-made lasagne (very tasty) with various salads bought by us guests.  I am particularly fond of a cabbage, carrots, raisin salad with a touch of “mayonnaise” and dab of curry powder.

And of course there was an assortment of baked treats, all from Ms Cupcakes new cookery book

These treats are caramel apple slice, lemon curd slice and brownie.  Lovely!!

So what was in the take-home goody bag?

Some lovely vegan chocolate mints.  I have the sweeter tooth out of the two of us, as in I eat more chocolate type things, rather than I like sweeter things. These mints are very very good and they didn’t last long in my cupboard!

Lovely, generous, kind Mitsy moo have me some nakd bars.  Ones that I have tried before and the new flapjack bars…

I LOVE the fact that mixed boxes of both are available.  Such a good idea!

For me the apple crunch wasn’t really all that.  The taste was fine I just didn’t really get the point of the crunch.

The flapjack’s have about 219 kcal per bar which is less than some bars available, they also have approx 10g protein.  I like these, I like the texture and my favourite flavours are banana bread and original.

And there is more…..  Samples from the big green smile website.  I love this colour, check out my nail below :-).  The nail varnish removed is a water based gel.  It seems odd squeezing nail varnish remover onto your nail I am use to the liquid and cotton pad!  It does work though and its water based so that’s good for the environment too.

Suncoat calming solution, non frizz, you put a small amount on your hair after washing and before styling.  It works too!  After drying my hair was straighter than usual (I usually have a wave) and sooooo soft.

So you can see why I love to meet up with Mitsu :-).  I can assure you the exchange happens both ways…. honestly.


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