Mary Ward Centre Vegetarian Cafe, Russell Square

27th April 2013


That’s the sound in my head right now as the maternity leave clock counts down my return to work. Sunny weather only makes it worse and makes me long to be out and about. My first excursion with Sash since the arrival of Lil Miss would have to be somewhere easyish to get to with a buggy and not too far from home.

The Mary Ward Centre’s vegetarian cafe seemed to be the best choice, just one tube all the way and also right on the doorstep of one of my lunchtime buddies who has been telling me about this place for at least a year!

I originally thought it was something to do with a hospital, because of ‘ward’ in the name and my friend works in one of the hospitals nearby. The cafe is attached to an adult education centre and then it occured to me perhaps ‘Ward’ is a surname, and it is. Mary Ward who surprisingly to me was against suffrage, originally opened the centre as the first school for children with disabillities in the community in 1898.

The lady herself

History lesson over (Mary would be proud), let’s eat!

We started inside, the seating is quite limited but we managed to find somewhere for 3 of us and a buggy.

They had 2 vegan option ‘main courses’ (£4.30) available on the day we visited, and I am told that they always have at least one plus vegan cake options too, they also cater for gluten free too.

The stir fry was full of flavour but the filo pie was definitely the star of the show. Sometime after forkfull of stirfry number two however, Lil Miss decided to scream the place down. Luckily it was a really nice day and we were able to transfer the contents of our plates to takeaway containers so we retreated outside.

Brucie bonus paella

Long story short, filo pie had an accident en route and was now sold out so we were offered the vegan paella which had just come out of the kitchen. It was swimming in oil which ruined it a little but to be honest I was so hungry I still managed to wolf it all down, the fresh salad with delicious dressing helped. The menu is not set so there is no way of telling what will be served on the day, or in fact whether they will have the same vegan options available all day.

It is good value for money and I actually quite like that you won’t know until you get there what you will be having, I will be back!

If you are in the area it is also around the corner from Alara so you can pick up some supplies too.

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