Review: Ms Cupcake Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town

1st May 2013

I have a ritual I go through every time I get a new recipe book. Get myself a nice comfy spot, have some Post-its to hand and then read through the entire book (yes I even read the introductions) immersing myself, marking up must try recipes as I go and getting pretty darn hungry with it. Having necessary ingredients already in the cupboard for a recipe pretty much guarantees it will jump from page to my oven asap.

So lucky old us, we got to see Ms Cupcake’s first foray into the world of cookery books before it’s official release date.

The first thing I noticed – PHOTOS! Praise be! I even bought a vegan recipe book once simply because it had lots of photos. Yes, *that is* how important they are to me. What I actually need is a t-shirt with ‘photo first, eat later’ on it, but you don’t want to know about my foodstagramming obsession. Although if you follow me on Twitter you already know, ha!!

But you know why this particular book needs to have photos? Ms Cupcake knows how to decorate a cupcake, golly gee does she.

The Ambassador, Triple Chocolate and Apple Custard Crumble picked up at the Ms Cupcake stall at Animal Aid last year.

Photos ogled, recipes marked, cupboards checked, off we go!

The recipes are pretty flexible, I substituted the almond flour in the blueberry muffins for semolina so that the Lil Man could enjoy them too (BIG hit).

Blueberry Crumble Muffins

With a supply of semolina this meant I also had to hand what was required for the rocky road bars (BIG hit with Mr Ikeda). Hopefully Ms Cupcake won’t chastise me for using digestives and no walnuts, adding to the infamous ‘what ingredients should be in a Rocky Road’ debate. Admittedly I imagine being told off by Ms Cupcake might start off with her with hands on hips and then end in a big cuddle. Check out the Quarrygirl vid and you will see what I mean.

Rocky road bar
Strawberry & banana muffins
Caramel apple bars

The recipe that has most excited the excitable vegans would be for the Jaffa cakes. I didn’t have any marmalade so used strawberry jam, added some cocoa to the cake mixture and used up some white chocolate I also had lying around.

Mini strawberry jaffa cakes

These were my favourite item from the book untill I made…

Strawberry cheesecake dessert sandwiches

Oh yes, dessert sandwiches, even a humble slice of bread gets all sugary and sparkly when Ms Cupcake get’s her hands on it. It’s also just occurred to me these can easily be done in a toastie maker.

Strawberry cheesecake dessert sandwiches in the pan
Chocolate brownies

The chocolate brownies are light yet fudgy, I’m not quite sure how this is possible, but we all know the hips tongue doesn’t lie. They were super easy to make as was everything I tried although I am a seasoned baker.

This book is not going to scare off any vegan newbies with fancy unheard of ingredients. Save for the semolina I was able to make all these using what I already had in the fridge/cupboards and who wants to have to rush out to the shops everytime they bake something, not me!

So you’ve ordered the book, now what? Go to the shop.  Support her vegan bakery, but if you see her keep the digestives between you and I. 😉

Have this bonus photo too because it’s not often the Lil Man actually asks for his photo to be taken. And he’s smilimg.

I think the brownies have something to do with it.

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