7th May 2013

A few of the things I am loving at the moment:

♥ Hand-me-downs. I can’t wait for the Lil Man to fit into a baseball shirt from his New Jersey cousin.

Trek protein flapjacks. The prefect snack to keep my breast feeding hunger pains at bay. The chocolate and coconut ones have a chocolate layer!

♥ Quesadillas. Currently addicted and having at least twice a week. Much of my Daiya haul from NY (which I froze) has been going into them.

♥ Polka dot nails.

Wing Yip. I could spend hours browsing the aisles, I picked up some goodies for me and this months food swapper on a recent trip.

I can’t get enough of their fried tofu.

♥ Green smoothies. I’m back on the smoothie wagon, the tipple of the moment consists of spinach (obv), mango, banana, raw cacao, coconut oil and Klamath blue green algae.

♥ Pilot Petit1. I picked it up in Japan (yeah didn’t quite think that through did I), but miraculously found somewhere to buy refills in the UK. Phew!

♥ My mum. 70 years old today. Love you Baba!





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