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20th May 2013

In case you find yourself in a position where you need something that’s quick and easy to bake, yet presentable enough to take when visiting friends, let me introduce you to the dessert croissant.

I always have a couple of cans of these in the fridge for weekend breakfasts, but Sunday morning I really put them to work. I was too tired to bake the night before, but I don’t like to turn up on a doorstep empty handed. I have long been adding my own fillings to these make yourself croissants but this time I decided to add some bits on top to pretty them up.

Of course I should also mention the cunning thing about these croissants is that they look pretty impressive without all the bling to begin with. Practice your smug ‘yes I made these’ face now.

I made two flavours: chocolate honeycomb which were filled with chocolate chips, drizzled with melted chocolate after cooking and cooling and sprinkled with honeycomb pieces (Sainsbury’s sell bags of this in the baking aisle)…


… and maple beican. I used a mandolin to get really thin slices of beican (I get mine from The Vegan Ronin), sprinkled over the pastry before rolling and then drizzled with icing (maple syrup, water and icing sugar) once cooled after cooking.

If you can’t find the croissants in tins I reckon you could buy the puff pastry sheets which are more common, cut these into triangles and work some magic with those (there is a guide to shaping the pastry here).

If I still haven’t convinced you how about some other flavour combos like peanut butter and jam? Chocolate and banana? Apple and cinnamon? Crushed Oreos?????? (<—— Am sooooo doing this one).



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