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25th May 2013

After a good few  recipes from Appetite for Reduction, I had a break from the old cook books and had a fling with several hundred quesadillas. Then I started feeling kinda soupy so picked up my copy of La Dolce Vegan!: Vegan Livin’ Made Easy for I had memories of good soups from it.

I was also thinking about Sarah because she has recently had a mastectomy due to breast cancer. Since I can’t drop by her store, which sadly she has announced she has had to close, give her a hug, wish her well, I like to think my cooking from her book is sending her some positive healing vibes. Get well soon little lady.

As it is one of my first vegan cook books it was already marked up with recipes to try, but as I flicked through it again so  many other unnoted recipes called out to me. I didn’t realise my tastes would have changed over the last 5 years, but apparently I am now all about the lentils baby!

In the end I have only made three  soups but they were all crackers. I wasn’t actually convinced that the chowder would be any good but I had what was called for in the recipe. The lentil soup I could tell just from looking at the ingredients I would love it and the butternut squash soup was sweet and silky.

Mock clam chowder
Raunchy red lentil soup
Curried ginger butternut squash soup

The other favourites which I will make again:

Vegan sausage hash
Sleepy Sunday Morning scramble

Currently number one in the search for the perfect scramble I added a sprinkling of black salt and used onion powder instead of fresh onions.

Vanessa’s lentil-quinoa stew
Mock beef & noodle toss

The noodle toss called for rice noodles but I used tofu noodles (<– that’s what she said) which I had never tried before but turned out to be ah-mazing and perfect for this dish. I picked mine up from Wing Yip, but I am pretty sure I have seen them in health food shops too. They are well worth the funky smell from the alakline solution they are preserved in which does go away.

The few that I wasn’t quite sure about but at least I got my lentil fix making them:

Marianne’s goulash
Wendy’s lentil and brown rice casserole
Red lentil pasta
Holy frijoles beans

There are A LOT of recipes in this book, I have about a million of them marked and there’s still plenty more to work through, be sure to expect a part 3 of  recipes tried and tested.

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