Raw(ish) day

27 May 2013

So the health kick continues…  with the occasional dip into old habits, like coffee and crumpets.  Shhhhhhh!

Health kick = time to check out my raw cook books in the sunshine.

Today has been mostly raw(ish), I would say 80%.  It started with lemon water, green smoothies, followed by lunch of salad & raw bread. Followed by… dinner.  Marinated stir fry veg (raw).  Veggies go soft when marinated.

I added chopped cashews and (cooked) tofu.

Today I found this rawsome vegan life.  WOW!  Check out the recipes…  What a find and all because I was looking for raw vegan cookie recipes but instead I found strawberry blueberry banana ice cream cake.  And so as usual I adapted the recipe to what was in my cupboard.  One word to sum it up… YUMBA!

I used raspberries instead of strawberries…  This is topped with banana/cashew ice cream.

Time for a slice…

It was really easy to make and tastes so good!

Two other desserts I am keen to make are raw brownies with berry & banana sorbet and banana chocolate caramel ice cream cake.  I know I will be using this site again and again and then some more.



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