Dehydration 101

16th June 2013

My dehydrator has been glaring at me from its spot on top of the fridge for a year now, neglected after only a handful of uses. I think this is partly down to my newbiness to it all. So, I decided to go back to school and read the entire Excalibur manual to get a grip of the basics before ‘firing’ her up. A little rawist humour for you there.

I started simple, first making powders by dehydrating fruits and then putting them in the blender. Initially I thought I would add them to smoothies until Baba questioned what the point was, when I could just save several hundred hours and use the fresh fruit. Oh, that’s right, I am not a farmer who needs to preserve my harvest to survive the winter, damn you Excalibur manual. But hold on, how about this for a point:


You can use banana powder to make a subtly flavoured naturally sweetened popcorn and it’s good just mixed up with some ‘milk’.

AND strawberry powder to make ‘yoghurt’. It is actually more like a drinking/pouring yoghurt, good with granola. Recipe is here.

I still think powders as ‘boosters’ for smoothies is a good idea, avocado, sweet potato or beetroot would add nutrients but not bulk. Savoury mixes could be used as soup stock, so there is still plenty of room for experimenting but I need something I can really get my teeth into. Like crackers and kale chips, which are dehydrating as we speak! Only another 10 hours to go…



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