10th July 2013

Trials with the dehydrator continue, after a cracker fail I have been concentrating on kale chips.

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Smoky bakon
Sour cream and onion

I usually just pick up a bag from Sainsbury’s but Sash popped round last week and with her brought some kale from her garden. I never knew kale could be so pretty! It has made me even more excited for the kale we have planted this year, hopefully we will get a good crop.

With it I made my favourite flavour so far, salt and vinegar.

Now that I feel like I have the hang of chips it is time to tackle crackers. This may involve more extensive experimenting since I am not keen on flax seed based recipes and find cashew based recipes to be a little too cloying. The recent heat wave has me craving more raw food so I ordered a couple of raw books, we shall see!

Meanwhile, a batch of the sour cream and onion will be finding it’s way into my food parcel this month, if you have any good kale chip recipes share the love. 🙂




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