July product review

31 July 2013

You got to LOVE a cuppa tea haven’t you?  This summer I have fully embraced the all teas that are not black or fruity…  Those herbal ones.  I love tea pigs, particularly the white tea and chamomile.  I am a fan of loose teas (when I can be bothered).  Now I have a new company to add to the list….  The London Tea Company.

This coming is new to the retail tea market but not the tea market.  My word what an interest mix of flavours!  85% of the teas I have are interested mixes and blends such as chamomile & lavender, white tea, elder flower & apricot and lemon grass, ginger & citrus fruits. They have the usual flavours too.  The teas are organic.  They use biodegradable boxes and pouches and they have fair trade certification.  Can 1 little tea bag tick so many boxes…  Yes it can!  LOVE IT!

Further to my Ecozone ecoball wash review blog those lovely people sent me some more bits & pieces to review!  Ecozone is Vegan Society and BUAV approved and some of the products have recently been approved by Allergy UK.

Big thumbs up for the washing powder, it stays bubbly and your washing up comes out feeling clean!  Now I don’t have many whites to wash and I usually throw all my clothes into one load (you may have thought this if you have seen me!).  I did make use of the laundry whitener and everything came out clean and bright :).

Now I kept forgetting to use the pan and soleplate cleaner…

This is for cleaning pans, you add water and rub.  It works well, it gets into the pan curves despite its square shape and is soft to the touch and doesn’t feel like a brilo pad (I was worried about being able to hold it and scrub!).  No arduous scrubbing was even required. My favorite is the washing up liquid, mind you I am not complaining about the other too.  I think the soleplate scrubber & I will become better friends in time…

I never part from Mitsu without gathering some sort of loot.  Last time I was given 3 Frank bars to take away and try.  These bars have the look and feel of raw bars (to me) but they aren’t.  They are whole food bars that are vegan, gluten and nut free.  These taste best straight from the fridge!

If you have a vegan product you would like us to review we are ALWAYS happy to oblige.  Please get in touch at info@tohappyvegans.com.


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