UK Vegan Food Swap July 2013

1st August 2013

July brought another food swap and our one year of food swapping anniversary! Thank you so much to every single swapper for making this such a fun experience, I hope you have enjoyed swapping too!

My savoury requirements were met this month by Rachel who is a newbie swapper and what a fine package it was. I am most intrigued by the sumach I had to Google it, but it has a lemon flavour so thumbs up from me! Am looking forward to trying it out, hit me up with some recipes/uses for it if you know any.

There are also some snacks from Waitrose and a bag filled with a really pretty meadow herb mix that has petals in it.

My cunning culinary eye tells me that the unmarked bag is filled with amazing smelling dried mushrooms, all woody and earthy and got me thinking they would make a really good risotto.

My package went to Sammy. Goodies included my traditional homemade granola offering, plus some sour cream and onion kale chips. I also included the one and only bag of Freedom marshmallows that I picked up at V Decilious. I’m all give me.

If you have never swapped, why not??? There is still time to sign up for August’s swap here.

July 2013 Vegan Food Swap Blog Roll

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