Review: Vegg

3rd August 2013

I finally managed to get my hands on some Vegg, a vegan egg yolk replacement!

The packet contains about 40 yolks so it meant there was plenty enough for experimentation. My first taste of it was with soldiers, I found it quite noochy but it definitely has that eggy smell from the black salt and the consistency is spot on.

Then I made the French toast recipe which is on the packet. It doesn’t suggest cinnamon and sugar topping but the sweet and salty is a combination I love. I still was not totally blown away by it, you can achieve the same thing using tofu.

At this point I was wondering if I was missing something, most of the recipes I had seen using Vegg could be recreated using other ingredients (black salt, tofu, tumeric etc). What was all the fuss?

And then I did this.

It so happened all the moons were aligned that day: I was making pizza, I had flashback to the pizza with a fried egg I used to have at Pizza Express, I had some Vegg.

Even if you didn’t used to have eggs on your pizza before you were vegan, do this now!

Then I was off.

Next magic custard cake, a recipe I had come across and gazed at forlornly as it is made from egg yolks and egg whites. I veganized this recipe but it still needs a lot of tweaking, am happy with the flavour and the texture of the centre but it’s not rising anywhere near enough. Third attempt may require something that requires no baking at all.

Vegg fried rice is another work in progress, I used 1/2 a cup of made up Vegg thinking I wouldn’t use it all but did, the rice seems to soak it all up coating it nicely. It had a slightly yellow tinge but the eggy flavour was lost, despite that it was still delicious.

The Vegg you are a welcome addition to my kitchen cupboard! It is not widely available in the UK yet, I purchased mine from VX.

I have just received a copy of The Vegg Cookbook for review which I am super excited about, if you follow them on Facebook/Twitter you will see they are also playing around with new packaging.

Do you have a favourite Vegg recipe? Let me know! 









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