7th August 2013

A few of the things I am loving at the moment:

♥ Coconut water. I don’t think I was that keen on it when I first tried it, but I stuck with it, mainly after bikram yoga sessions and now I really love it. During the mini heat wave I was making it into ice lollies.

♥ The Teal Cat Project.

♥ Scented nail varnish. Models Own. My nails smell like apples right now.

♥ Rotolo di pizza. Rolled pizza from Amico Bio Holborn. We had no idea this is what we had ordered, cue much bafflement when it arrived. The toppings and cheese are on the inside, tomato sauce slathered on the top. I WILL be having this again.

♥ Provamel. We were sent samples of their dairy free yoghurt and milk to try out.

The almond milk made my morning raw porridge (soak your oats in milk for 10 mins and eat, no need to cook) really creamy although the consistency didn’t seem any thicker than my usual dairy free milk.

Am not sure what it is I love about pouring yoghurt because really it does the same job as normal yoghurt! More creaminess when paired with some homemade granola and fresh fruit.

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2 thoughts on “L♥ve”

  • I have to get myself down to Amico Bio! That “rotolo” looks fantastic. And I didn’t know Provamel did their own pouring yog…I’ll have to look out for it.

    • It was ah-mazing.

      Yeah, I have only ever seen the Alpro one in the supermarket and it is always the super sweet vanilla one.

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