Review: Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day!

25th August 2013

Rather ashamedly I bought this book a whole year ago and haven’t used it till now. It turns out it is one of my most exciting (and now cherished) recipe books a) for it’s exotic ingredients b) for it’s inventive/creative combinations and twists on old classics and c) it’s a book full of sandwiches (one of my favourite things to eat)!!

Don’t think you will be simply throwing together a bit of this and a bit of that and be done in 5 minutes, this is a SERIOUS sandwich book people. So serious I had some of these for dinner as the work involved was equivalent to making a full meal. One recipe I made called for preparation 24 hours in advance (that’s commitment right there), and some do actually require eating with a knife and fork.

I love sandwiches which is why I knew I had to add this book to my collection, there is also a wide variety of new ingredients it forced me to try – like sauerkraut. Turns out I like it.  And Jackfruit. The jury is still out. Of course this can be a downside, having to find an ingredient to use only a small amount of it and there are quite a few obscure items such as ume plum vinegar, horseradish sauce (I bought powder to make my own), smoked salt etc. I did quite a bit of substituting for things I already had or preferred. The only other thing I would mention is there a lot of recipes that use only part of an ingredient like 10g of minced carrot, onion or celery. In such cases for onion I either used onion powder or switched to using much smaller shallots meaning less waste if not any.

(Helpful hint: cilantro = coriander and arugula = rocket).

Also included are recipes for making 3 breads and seitan ‘cold cuts’. I have still not dipped a toe in that particular seitany water so I used Redwood’s meat substitutes and Fry’s meaty strips for the sandwiches I tried.

There are sweet as well as savoury recipes, being me *points to ‘savoury girl’ badge* I haven’t tried any of the sweet ones yet.

Here are my top recipes from the book:

Crisp leek-mushroom mania sandwiches. I love mushrooms on toast anyway but they weren’t kidding about how delicious the spread for this sandwich is.

Welsh rarebit.

I used leftover sauce on chips.

Pesto pitzas.

I wasn’t keen on the cheese for this which tasted very coconutty (it’s recommened coconut cream is used) but I would definitely make this again and substitute with a ready made cheese. I also used Walburtons square wraps instread of pittas. It made a refreshing change to have a pizza without a tomato base.

One world reuben. FOREVER!!

This sandwich is amazing! I have always wanted to try a reuben and if they all taste like this one I am a fan for life.

Dagwood’s Special Sandwich.

This is a bit of a monster sandwich, I had to have the other half the next day (it was REALLY good then). The sauce, the crunchy peppers and pickles, it’s like the Man Vs Food sandwich I have always dreamed of making.

Croquie-Monsiuer. My other most favourite recipe from the book, incidentally made with the best bechamel sauce I have come across.

Not every recipe has a photo, but there are just enough and beautiful too which I knew would be the case as Have Cake Will Travel is one of the blogs I have been following since I first turned vegan.

It has also occurred to me all these places serving a token vegan option sandwich (aka hummus and/or falafel) should take note. It doesn’t have to be this way, if you use your imagination…

You can view all the sandwiches I have made and will continue to make from this book here. I am also super excited to have just received a copy of Celine’s other book Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Food for review, perhaps I timed it well after all.




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