L♥ve: Baby Edition

30th August 2013

Another special edition of all things baby related I am loving at the moment:

♥ Headbands. Several people have suggested Baby needs a bow in her hair. They would be fools to think it would tame her mohawk, which has now grown into a still impressive quiff, but I guess she can’t keep being mistaken for a boy when she’s wearing it.

♥ Resuable breast pads. My Lilypadz reached their expiration date (they are recommended to be replaced every 2 months), although to be honest I think they were done after one month as their sticky layer which keeps them in place had worn away.

Rather than having to keep replacing the Lilypadz I bought some Little Lamb reusbable pads. They are actually pretty good at stopping leaks. My only gripe is that they do move around during the night.

♥ Boots maternity range. Pretty packaging and now I have a supply of breastmilk storage bags.

♥ Girlie clothes. I have to admit I am really enjoying buying cute clothes for a girl. I picked up a bundle of 9 preloved cardigans for under a tenner on Ebay. This was just before the heatwave!

MAM teething rings and dummy clips. Baby is so different to the Lil Man, he didn’t start teething till about 6 or 7 months, but she has loved chewing on things since about 3 months. She is also a really ‘sucky’ baby, sucking her own thumb pretty early on too I love these clips because she often spits out her dummy with some force and this means it can’t go too far!






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