UK Vegan Food Swap August 2013

1st September 2013

Hellooooo VeganMoFo!!

Having undertaken the challenge in previous years my hat goes off to all those bloggers who manage to ‘do it all by themselves’. Being two happy vegans it makes it a little easier to have someone to tag team with through the month.

If you don’t know what VeganMoFo is, it’s basically an annual blogging event where bloggers all over the world commit to writing about vegan food everyday (or near as) for an entire month. And what better subject to kick off with then the UK Vegan Food Swap, which has been running every month for over a year now.

I received a tip top parcel from newbie swapper Chris of Evolve Campaigns. He made my dreams come true and sent me a totally savoury bunch of goodies of which only the pasta, kelp powder and seasame condiment now remain. No more will I have to sub kelp powder with cut up nori and horenso no goma ae (a Japanese spinach and seasame dish) is one of my favourite ways to serve spinach.

I forgot to take a photo of the parcel I sent but as luck would have it, Rachel has a blog so you can read her write up here.

There’s still time to sign up for September, join in the fun here.

August 2013 Vegan Food Swap Blog Roll

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3 thoughts on “UK Vegan Food Swap August 2013”

  • What a great box Chris put together for you! I love gomasio, sprinkle it on EVERYTHING! and have wanted to get my hands on kelp powder for sometime. Good luck with MoFo, this is my 1st year taking part 🙂

    • @Emma And you’re doing a theme well done, hopefully next year I can get myself organised a bit more to come up with a proper one. 😉 Have fun!

      @Shaheen Am so glad you are enjoying the swap. If they haven’t contacted to tell you they haven’t received their parcel I would assume all is okay. I think the kelp adds a ‘fishiness’ to recipes, well the ones I have seen it in anyway. So good for things like mock tuna mayo.

  • Thank you so much for organising vegan swap, I really enjoyed my first time participating and looking forward to next month. I’ve not heard from the person I sent my package to to confirm recieipt of what I sent to her. I have sent her an e mail. I am a bit concerned she may not have received it. I do have proof of postage, as well as a photograph of what I sent her, but I did not want to post it on my blog yet as it would have been nice to see it on her blog. I’m just worried she may not have got it. Anyway, liking your box. I do like gomasio, I have to say I don’t think I’ve had kelp, I would not know what to do with it. So am intrigued.

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