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02 September 2013

I knew that vegan mofo was coming, Mits and I have been talking about it for a couple of weeks through our various means of communications BUT I am still surprised it is my turn to write a blog today!  So rather than stress out and feel the additional pressure of cooking a gourmet meal I would present to you what I buy and eat after a day at work when I want to keep my evening meal light, tasty and healthy…

Let’s be honest we can’t go home every evening and get our cook on.  Sometimes life takes over and before you know it is dinner time.  So what stops you buying a take-out or a processed meal?  For me I try to eat well fairly often.  This is pretty vague I know!  I have several shops that I can pop to depending on where I am that will allow me to buy a few extras to make a great meal.  Today that shop is M&S.  They don’t have many vegan options in their range but they have a few special treats that can lift a salad from the realms of ordinary to extraordinary.

Yes it is a salad.  Can you get a healthier meal?  My fridge always contains basic salad supplies; lettuce (usually a couple of different types), tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion (depending on the season), celery, carrots.  Ok my fridge is generally full of veggies so I am always ready for a juice, smoothie or a salad and I always try to mix it up.  Who wants the same flavour in all three?  Not me.

About the extras:  low fat hummus (who needs the extra calories… not me!), whole meal pitta and a giant cous cous salad pot.  I love this M&S salad pot, adore it, crave it.  This is a chop, slice and open things exercise which results in a nutritious tasty, well prepared, quick and easy meal without any take out cartons around.  I am sure this falls under Nigellas express (not) cooking.

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  • I’ve never tried that M&S salad! I’ve been buying low fat hummus recently because Sainsburys started doing a tomato and basil version which with, a little sprinkling of Vegusto, is like pizza hummus!! So yummy!

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