Protein Party Mix

3rd September 2013

Today we’re talking party mix, let’s not insult  you by calling this a recipe. This is essentially getting tasty things and throwing them in a jar.

My experiments with the dehydrator have led me into making flavoured almonds, orginally this was an attempt to snack a little more healthily. Then I got a bit bored of just nuts and decided to add something else to jazz things up a bit and that is when the part-TAY happened!

I seem to have gone a little awry. In my quest for jazzy mix ingredients I have been lured in to the world of fried and/or salty food. So no, this is not a healthy party mix, but it’s full of protein and PEAS which has got to be better than the usual carb loaded version??

Favourite things in my mix at the moment are ganthia (made from lentil flour), wasabi peas (most supermarkets sell their own brand of these now), fried beans and of course flavoured nuts.

If a carni asks where you get your protein, shake a jar of this in their face!

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