Vegan Brighton

06 September 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Brighton twice.  Both day trips were food related (of course) and I also made sure to see the sea each time!  First blog on terre a terre is here.

On the first day out I also poked my nose into VBites, Brighton.  Well it would be rude not to!

There are a lot of Redwood products available to buy as you would expect. As the ever vigilant vegan I spotted chocolate whipping.  It grabbed me with both figurative hands and got my purse out & walked me to the til to buy it!

It’s funny because I haven’t seen the boxed whipping cream for ages so I purchase some from Viva recently and then not 2 weeks after I find a box of chocolate cream!  (I have a strong dislike of the squirty cans we don’t get along).  Now I just need to think of something to do with it a…  Reaches for spoon.

I had a quick browse of the food menu on offer at Vbites but I knew I was going to terre a terre so didn’t pay too much attention but I did buy cake!  I am sure that Mits will plan a “snack” there on our impending escapade to Brighton!

This orange & carrot cake was a tad raw in the middle and also a bit small for £3.50 (I think) or maybe I am greedy! 🙂

As you know I then went on and had a feast at terre a terre…

The next visit, less than a week later I went for lunch at waikikamookau.  Another great lunch but much more reasonably priced! Lunch was a sausage wrap (with onion jam), chips and a shake!

Peanut butter, banana shake

We bought some coffee & walnut cake for later…  Next time I will probably try the banana choc-chip 🙂

Oh and it’s important to plan ahead isn’t it….  I purchased a pain au raisin from Infinity foods supermarket for a breakfast sometime in the future.  Thank Gd for freezers!


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