BIG DAY OUT – Camden

10 September 2013

Wasn’t I only just saying about a few blogs on BIG DAYS OUT and in the blink of an eye or 2 days later here we are.

This is a story of 3 girls going out to Camden on a rainy day to see a lady in a truck about some lunch. ¬†At the start of any adventure we need a snack & a map…

The snack is spare mocha choc chip cookies that Mits made for her vegan swap partner. ūüôā The map is what she usually hands to me at the start of a journey so that Sashnav gets up and running leaving Mits to gape at exotic ducks with both glee and admiration in Regents park….

(I know that’s a swan).

Fortunately the signs in Regents Park helped to point out the way so Sashnav could have a rest.

As you can see its wet & rainy, but that did not deter us. ¬†The walk from Marylebone¬†to Camden takes about an hour, it is through the park and along the canal. ¬†It’s a nice walk and helps burn calories before lunch and CAKE!

It was well worth the walk when we found Rupert’s street truck.

We placed our order and then took a seat out of the rain while lunch was prepared.

Mushroom burger £4.50

Tofu, fennel & yoghurt wrap £4.50

 The burger was the favorite for both of us.  It was more than reasonably priced so we will be back.  Lunch took longer than expected so we were gifted free cake!  How nice.  This was a brownie textured chocolate cherry cake.  So nice!

And do you know who is around the corner from here?  Cookies & Scream.  Well its rude not to go and say hello when they are s close.  Then you may as well have a cuppa and cookie right?!

Peanut Butter jam cookie (soft & eaten warm) £2

Where do I put it all? ¬†(Looks down at belly by way of explanations). ¬†Yes but look at all the things I didn’t eat this time!

So add Camden to your list of top vegan places to go to!

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1 thought on “BIG DAY OUT – Camden”

  • Was so good to start our vegan ‘road trips’ again!!

    Love Camden, especially nice to visit Cookies and Scream after too long, HOW lovely is Chick?? I would go back just for her <3

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