Love: V Delicious Edition

13th September 2013

A way, way, way over due write up for this year’s The Allergy and Free From/V Delicious show in July. Here’s what I was loving:

♥ Round Up! Ananda make marshmallows so obviously the next step is make chocolately things involving that marshmallow. These are AH-mazing. I was kicking myself after that I didn’t buy more, especially for the food swap.

♥  Pudology. Not wishing to be rude and offend we tried every single flavour, the lemon was a new one I hadn’t seen before (zingy!). The first time I bought these you could only get them in Selfridges, I am very happy to hear that they are becoming widely available via Ocado and selected Sainsbury’s.

♥ Freedom marshmallows. This was the  first time I got to try this newcomer to the marshmallow market. I found them to be very like the American Dandies? Again, I only bought one bag which I did in fact giveaway in a food swap.

 Food Heaven. We got to tried the mousse and tiramisu I think? I believe their cheesecake and ice creams have been available in Tesco for a while, though I have never seen them. They too are also branching out into Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. More good news!

♥ Alara. We had a good chat with the girls at the stand about the finer details of lacuma and maca. I ended up going with lucuma and getting some chia seeds too.

 Kinetic Natural Products. Had another nice chat with these guys too, okay, so they did sell me a tub of wheat grass powder that was already open, but they sent me a new one as soon as I managed to get hold of them the following week. I use this as my green smoothie ‘cheat’ for when there is no spinach in the house. So I have no excuse not have a smoothie everyday!

 Himalayan salt. Prettiest salt ever??

Obviously the usual suspects like Nakd, Vegusto and Ms Cupcake etc were there too. The V Delicious side was all vegan, however it was a little confusing (and annoying) because the Allergy Free side wasn’t exclusively vegan but they were sharing the same space. Often you would come across a stall get all excited and then discover it wasn’t vegan. SAD FACE. It was also SUPER busy. As you can see though I managed to get a good balance of naughty and healthy items so there was at least variety.





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