Review: Choc Shot

17th September 2013

You have no doubt heard of Sweet Freedom, makes of a natural vegan sweetner made from fruit. They have a new product called Choc Shot, which they kindly sent to us for review.

Although the Lil Man does now have sugar, I usually reduce the amount called for in recipes for cookies and cakes etc, I am still keen whenever possible to give him unrefined sugar alternatives. One of his breakfast favourites is chocolate porridge sweetened with brown rice syrup, this is a messy process mixing powdered cocoa into the porridge and milk.

How nice is it to squeeze a bottle and have liquid chocolate come out! I like to squeeze a spiral on top of the ready cooked porridge and the Lil Man can mix it in for himself.

We also enjoyed it as hot chocolate. Again it dissolved really easily into hot soy milk. It does have the distinctive taste of Sweet Freedom, which I don’t mind at all.

Like all the other SF products it is ace for baking with. I took their flapjack recipe and replaced the SF with Choc Shot to make chocolate flapjacks. It’s also good on ice cream!

This is pretty much the perfect short cut product for me as it makes all the things I already make for my son SUPER easy and with Baby on solids now no doubt I will find some other recipes and uses for it.

If that hasn’t got you interested let me leave you with the obligatory drizzle shot. Cue sexy music.





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