Vegan in Venice part 1

18 September 2013

Last weekend I spent 3 days meandering around the quaint lanes of Venice in the September sunshine. It was relaxing, pretty, and really quite romantic.

I was in Venice 22 years ago. A friend & I spent our summer holiday inter-railing through Europe, we visited all the main European cities, had a great time and visited Venice along the way.  In Venice due to budgetary restrictions we camped outside the city & caught the boat bus in. I remember lots of walking.  I recall bridges, lanes, chocolate chip ice cream (I was a veggie) and how expensive everything was.

Venice is still expensive and not much else has changed, there are canals gondolas, allies, beautiful buildings, sorbet.

Honestly Venice doesn’t have the most interesting vegan food, it’s not a vegan dining hot spot but we can easily get by on the food available.

There are salads, pizza’s without cheese, pasta & sorbet.

There is more than enough to sustain a 3 day visit.  Also the sites & sounds were such an experience it was well worth it.  I enjoyed Venice when I went all those years ago and this time I fell in love with it.

We were fortunate and stayed very centrally only 5 minutes walk from St Marks Square.  Ad Palace is a friendly, funky (and clean) hotel.


They serve a lovely breakfast. Its the usual; fruit, juice, cereal & toast.

I took a small carton of soy milk with me so I could eat cereal.  🙂
The Vegan in Venice adventure continues on Friday…..

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