L♥ve – VeganMoFo Edition

27th September 2013

A special VeganMofo edition of the all food I have been loving this month:

♥ Morokyu. Japanese cucumber (soooooooo much nicer than regular cucumbers, these are super crunchy and much less wet then their English cousins) with miso. These were the first from the home grown crop and luckily we have had more since. The slugs like them too you see.

Cat and the Cream. Now doing puddings. I actually don’t think I ever had a tiramisu before I went vegan. Couldn’t taste any coffee, but it was a chocolatey delight!

A friend also came to visit and brought a plethora C&C cupcakes. Yes, my friends are pretty amazing.

Chocolate, mint and raspberry is my favourite.

♥ Manna. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Organic bangers and mash.

Inspiral sausage and sweet potato mash.

♥ Chocolate from Vx. Am not a chocoholic by nature, but every once in a while I will get down with a bar. Or two. Or three.

Vego (this bar is a MONSTER).


Torino Mousse Chocolate Bar

♥ Cookies and Scream. Now doing milkshakes.

Salted caramel.

 Carnevale. They don’t seem to be changing their menu anymore, but that’s okay. I don’t eat there very often and the two vegan main options they have are both yummy. They also sell delicious falafel wraps on the stall outside the shop when Whitecross Market is open.

Panisse served with roasted fennel, green beans and red pepper in a Moroccan casserole served with mixed leaves.

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