Vegfest UK London 2013

5th October 2013

The Lil Man and I whirled through Vegfest today leaving a trail of cake crumbs in our wake.

We managed to get there before it opened and there was a massive queue just to get in. Therein was the theme for the day. Queues.

{ The most famous queue of the day for The Mighty Fork}

 We gave up queuing at Twisted Potato just before leaving at it was taking just to darn long.

No queue here though as we (now including some of my favourite tweeps) loitered waited until they were ready to serve. On arrival we raced up to the second floor which was pretty quiet and these guys were still setting up.

{ The cakes of JP Turner }

I went for an eclair, which was more like a donut disguised as an eclair.

I was hoping to try and/or spot lots of new products, but once I got down to the second floor it was all a bit overwhelming so I just went for the stands I recognised. The only sample I tried was from here a non setian, non soya meat substitute from Italy. What’s with all the vegan products lately Italy? Keep it up, I like it.

The majority of my purchases were sweet – Pudology, Cat & the Cream, Goody Good Stuff, Ms Cupcake, Freedom Marshamallows (their new strawberry flavour) and wagon wheels of course!

{ Lil Man catching up with Ms Cupcake }

I did pick up some Fry’s but wish I had gone back to The Honest Carrot (I forgot), their wares looked just up my savoury street.

The Lil Man and I returned to the second floor to the kiddies area where they had various entertainment, Tony in his pirate costume cooking pancakes, tattoos and balloon models and music workshop.

If you can brave the crowds the show is on tomorrow too, it is definitely worth it there are lots of treasures to be found and plenty I missed I am sure!

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5 thoughts on “Vegfest UK London 2013”

  • I was there yesterday too! Had a fab time. The crowds and amount to see was a little overwhelming, can’t complain though.
    Lots of old faves and new discoveries

  • We went on Sunday with our four children who thought they were in sweetie heaven!! It was a great opportunity to try lots of things without having to pay for heaps of stuff (we get most of our stuff from Suma). The kids now want Vegfest as a regular yearly outing!!

  • Oh it is so not fair! Im up North and have panic disorder so don’t leave my wee town 🙁 I’d die in tgise crowds… this is why I love the food swap. Get to try new goodies without having to travel heehee 🙂

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