Review: Violife

9th October 2013

Those amazing folks at Veganic sent a REALLY impressive box to us recently. A whole load of their Violife vegan cheese slices and grated pizza cheese to try.

Although Violife was one of my previous ‘L♥ves‘ I didn’t realise there were quite so many flavours. I also see they do 2.5kg bars on their website. DANGEROUS!

I haven’t tried all of them yet. That’s a lot of cheese right there.

The olive oil, original and cheddar flavours all tasted pretty similar to me, I enjoyed these melted on toast and also became a little addicted to them paired with Waitrose coleslaw mix and Plamil mayo.

They also work really well to make poutine. I originally tried this with the grated pizza cheese but torn up pieces of the slices actually works better.

I used this recipe to make the fries (these alone are seriously good). Tore up the cheese and scattered over the cooked fries, melted in the microwave for a few seconds, then drenched with gravy and consumed.

The pizza flavour slices, which smell and taste like pepperoni are pretty amazing. I made pizza cheese on toast with it, it goes kinda creamy when you melt it.

The mushroom flavour was of course perfect in a mushroom toastie.

I used the grated pizza cheese to make a cabonara recipe from The Vegg Cookbook…

… and a pasta bake which was REALLY good.

I have said it before, but vegan cheese really has come along in leaps and bounds. If people are really hesitant to turn vegan because they will ‘miss cheese too much’ they really need to try this stuff out, it is  even tasty straight out of the packet. There is NO excuse now!!!







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7 thoughts on “Review: Violife”

  • I’ve just been sampling the Vegusto goodies I won during Vegan MoFo and have been super impressed! I’d never really had cheese/meat alternatives before but might have to try these ones too.

  • Oooh I need to try this..may see if Goodness Direct sell it. Vegusto is amazing!!! & I also like Tofutti plastic style cheese but I know it’s totally not good for you so yeah, I wanna try this stuff. Looks like it melts really well! Need. Some. Now!

  • Glad people are singing about these from the rooftops. Cheese was also my biggest hurdle to moving vegan. And these are AMAZING. (I’m sorry, but most of the alternatives taste like clay.)

    The Veganic pizza cheese is also pretty wonderful. Looking forward to my next pasta bake!

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