Packed Lunch

15th October 2013

The Lil Man has started big school, we started off just giving him plain old sandwiches everyday but unsurprisingly he complained they were boring (would he say that about these I wonder?). I rolled up my sleeves and took command.

This is what has been filling up his Skip Hop lunchie.

I found my silicone baking cases are ideal for keeping things separate so things don’t get soggy.

I always inspect the lunch bag as soon as he gets home. I want it to be empty. I like it to be empty. I was a bit nervous about the spaghetti as he had not had the sauce before. The food jar came back empty. Yay!

Unfortunately we had a miscommunication with this lunch, he didn’t spot the bread underneath the grapes and olives even though I told him to take out the baking cases after he’d eaten the contents.

The little green pots are Tommy Tippee BPA free freezer pots, they have lids so are good for hummus and condiments.

What’s in your vegan lunchbox?


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