Camden again?!


18 October 2013

Seriously Camden again?  Do we have no imagination…  Clearly not!  This time we went to eat at Cake N Treats, the fairly new vegan coffee shop in Camden but first I wanted to pick up some (cake) supplies.

First up baked peanut butter cake from inspiral.

I love this cake.  And Manna restaurant and cookies & scream do something similar.  Tried Manna, like.  Will try cookie & screams next time I visit.  So when I say supplies I bought things to freeze.  Frozen cake is not as good as fresh BUT it means you have a sweet treat after 20 minutes frosting without any flour being opened 🙂

Coconut & raspberry bundt


Gooey peanut jam cookie

Baked chocolate donut = chocolate heaven.  I might have nibbled a little bit before it went into the freezer.

After filling my bag with cake it was time to meet Mits at Cakes N Treats.  This notice made me laugh!  We always need to check don’t we?!

The menu is burgers, sandwiches, cakes, shakes and salads.

“Turkey” sandwich
Green peanut butter and banana smoothie
Strawberry shake

Peanut butter and chocolate cake for two <3.

Lunch was £10.  Worth a visit 😉

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