24th October 2013

Some of the things I am loving at the moment:

♥ Walden Farms dressings. All the calorie free ones are vegan (except the Ceasar which has anchovy). I pick them up at Kosher Kingdom. My collection is growing.

♥ Saviour Snacks. Saviour kindly sent us their vegan box to try, one of the prettiest ‘healthy snacks by mail’ I have seen. However as Sash pointed out, it doesn’t fit through the letterbox, she had to collect hers from the post office.

A good balance of savoury and sweet.

It also contained an AMAZING Good Greens bar (I need more of these in my life!!), and chocolate soya beans. Will wonders never cease!?

♥ Regent’s Park. We did a couple of walks from Marylebone to Camden via the park. It has the prettiest ducks, so pretty I made Sash stand in the rain so I could photograph them.

♥ Lil Man. Of course I love him all the time. However, he is being extra cute as I gave him one of my old cameras and he has been taking photos of everything.



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