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30th October 2013

Baby is 8 months old and very much enjoying what is known as the ‘honeymoon’ period, where little ones are apparently very open to trying new flavours and textures.

Every few days I make up a big batch of something and freeze it in ice cube trays for easy portioning. I try to give her snacks in between meals twice a day but depending on when she sleeps this doesn’t always work out. I am also still breastfeeding.

Now you are up to speed (!), here is what she ate last week (all the recipes are adapted from Carol Timperley’s Baby & Child Vegetarian Recipes unless otherwise stated):

Day 1

Breakfast: Sultana porridge. I make my own baby porridge by grinding organic porridge oats in a high speed blender and then storing in a glass jar. For this batch of porridge I added in some sultanas before blending. I add a teaspoon of omega oil and make it up with water.

Lunch: Magic mushroom mush with bread

Dinner: Fruity couscous and banana rice pudding.

Day 2

Breakfast: Sultana porridge (as before)

Snack: Elle’s Kitchen puffits. One bag of these lasts three or four days, they are just the right size for me not to worry about her choking.

Lunch: Spinach and potato curry and chocolate pudding

Snack: Mango

Dinner: Spring green risotto and gingerbread weaning biscuit (recipe here, I cooked them a bit longer so that they were really hard and shaped them into sticks so she can hold it easily)

Day 3

Breakfast: Sultana porridge

Snack: Peach

Lunch: Fruity couscous and chocolate pudding

Snack: Elle’s Kitchen puffits

Dinner: Magic mushroom mush with toast and banana rice pudding

Day 4

Breakfast: Apple and pear porridge. Made up a new batch of porridge with dehydrated apple and pear all blended together. I used a regular blender this time which meant the oats were not as fine but texture is good early on as it means less fussiness later.

Lunch: Spring vegetable risotto and Coyo yogurt. The vegan baby market is lacking a sugar free baby yogurt, however I realised Coyo is totally junk free. She won’t eat a lot of it, but next time I am going to go for one of the ones with the fruit purees in rather than the plain.

Snack: Elle’s Kitchen puffits

Dinner: Spinach and potato curry and chocolate pudding

Day 5

Breakfast: Apple and pear porridge

Snack: Elle’s Kitchen puffits

Lunch: Spring green risotto and Coyo yogurt

Dinner: Magic mushroom mushroom and toast and chocolate pudding

Day 6

Breakfast: Apple and pear porridge

Lunch: Fruity couscous and Coyo Yogurt

Dinner: Quinoa casserole (adapted from this recipe), and banana rice pudding

Day 7

Breakfast: Apple and pear porridge

Snack: Mango

Lunch: Kichiri and banana

Snack: Elle’s Kitchen puffits

Dinner: Mashed avocado and bread

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