UK Vegan Food Swap October 2013

1st November 2013

This month my food swap parcel went out to Jade who like me prefers a savoury  selection.

It included some black salt, black garlic and pickled onion Pom Bears (she was lucky to get any as I polished off a multi pack with alarming speed). During Mofo I won some goodies from Vegusto so I threw in a pack of cheese as a bonus item, as she lives up North I thought it might be something she can not readily get her hands on. I did sneak in one sweet thing which was a Round Up! I had bought especially for the food swap from Vegfest.

My parcel came from Ms Cupcake no less. Lots of lentil/hummus chips which are all gone now and a yummy jerk chicken puff I had for breakfast the very next day after it arrived. The Lil Man LOVES Tings so he called dibs on these straight away (we like to open my food parcels together). That there little bottle is some liquid smoke, one of my newer discoveries, great for making fake bacony dishes. Looking forward to the Montezuma chocolate bar, I really like the salt and sweet combination so I should really enjoy this.

I can’t believe it, but it is indeed almost time for next month’s swap! You still have till the (remember, remember) the 5th of November to register.

October 2013 Vegan Food Swap Blog Roll

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