24th November 2013

I recently paid a fleeting visit to Bath to see my favourite West Country family. The Sands! Over the years they have flitted between Bath and Bristol but have now settled in Bath once again.

The Lil Man is at school now, so Baby and I hopped on a train at Paddington and less than 2 hours and a nap for the baby later we were there.

We were hoping to have a cuppa and a catch up at The Green Rocket Cafe before heading to the house, but of course they were closed for renovation that very day. Le sigh.

I have mentioned before how well fed I am when I come down, on this occasion Mrs Sands whipped me up some falafel and in the evening we had a rather delicious takeaway curry.

The following day we managed a trip to the park before we headed back into town.

You don’t get parks in London with views like this.

Back in Bath The Green Rocket was open yay! I really want to go back and try out their food it all looked really good and their breakfast menu was pretty impressive too.

Alas I had time only for a slice of cake (cherry Bakewell) and a hot chocolate before I had to catch my train back to London.

The journey was not as traumatic as I thought it could have been alone with Baby, so I promise not to leave it so long next time Sands! x


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