UK Vegan Food Swap November 2013

27th November 2013

This month my food parcel went all the way to Imogen in Edinburgh! Most of our swappers hail from London or Brighton so it’s really nice to be able to connect with vegans from other parts of the UK.

The ‘savvy’ shopping had gone well so I was also able to include more special items perhaps not so readily available that far north: quinoa chips, chocolate essence and the new strawberry flavoured Freedom Mallows. I also sent a batch of my ‘sour cream’ and onion kale chips which I have already had positive feedback about. 🙂

My savoury parcel came from Sammy. My favourite quinoa chips were in there yeah! And lots of other snack items perfect for making up one of my party mixes: broad beans, roasted chickpeas and chia quinoa palitos. There were cacao nibs which were suggested for smoothies something I have never tried doing with them before. I also got a Frank bar because Sammy had met the creators at a food fair, I thought that was really sweet of her to show her support for them.

I am super excited about December’s swap, because it’s the CHRISTMAS SWAP!!! I have already been picking up lots of festive items for my parcel so I hope my partner doesn’t do a ‘bah humbug’ on me! Sign up here to take part.

November 2013 Vegan Food Swap Blog Roll

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