Disneyland Paris

7th December 2013

As an early birthday present for the Lil Man we hopped on the Eurostar and journeyed under the Channel to Eurodisney.

It was simultaneously amazing, exhausting, stressful, freezing and yet the perfect family getaway.

I wasnt too worried about the food situation knowing we weren’t away long enough for me to starve to death (!). There isn’t really much about eating vegan there online apart from that it’s not particularly vegan friendly. But I found this blog really useful, picked up some tips from fellow Tweeters and packed some snacks (our bags were never searched for food, apparently they don’t like you to take food in).

We stayed at the Sequioa Lodge which is one of the Disney hotels, half board. Mickey. Was. Everywhere.

Breakfast was served at the Golden Forest in the hotel where we were greeted by characters every morning.

It was a buffet breakfast, I asked for soya milk on the first day (thanks to the useful blog) and was given a whole carton (which I kept it in our fridge for the next day as I wasn’t sure if they would chuck it away if I left it).

Breakfast 1: Not too bad toast and jam, Special K and fruit.

Breakfast 2: I had toast with crushed tomatoes and olives x2. Hey, if you leave it out I am going to eat it!

My bonus find was a hot chocolate powder, ingredients were in English on the back and after a bit of miming I managed to get some of the soya milk heated up for me so I could make it up.

And yes, we took extras from the buffet to make our own lunch (how very British of us!). I took a couple of the rolls and actually made a really delicious sandwich using a Spacebar.

We ate at 3 of the many restaurants and as expected they were pretty pricey. All my meals were around €20 or more.

♥ Agrabah Cafe located in Adventureland.

This is a self service eat as much as you like buffet, choice wise this was probably the best option, there were lots of lentils, vegetables and salads but it was the most expensive.

♥ Rainforest Cafe located in the Disney Village

The soya burger aka The Suspect Burger. I had to send it back once after it came with the cheese and sauce I had asked for it without. The burger was topped with avocado and sprouts. I do have a suspicion it may contain egg so I would avoid this again.

♥ The Steakhouse located in the Disney Village

Mr Ikeda, unimpressed with where we had dined so far demanded steak and they actually turned out to have a really good option for me: a Portabello burger. I asked for it without cheese and sauce. The mushroom itself was the bun and not the burger as I was expecting. It was filled with chargrilled vegetables and beetroot and came with a side salad. I had to ask for fries on the side.

♥ Restaurant en Coulisse located in the Walt Disney Studios

Of course elsewhere there are plenty of fries.

♥ Starbucks located in the Disney Village

I enjoyed a soya hot chocolate whilst watching the  Disney Dreams! laser and firework show.

It wasn’t that great for Baby, and due to limited luggage space we didn’t have any toys for her, I had to go all Montessori. She spent most of the time sleeping in the buggy or the sling. It will be good to go back when she is older and can enjoy the rides.

The Lil Man however was the perfect age, we managed to pack in as much as we could and thanks to these magical things called a FASTPASS we didn’t have to queue up for every single ride as that is where most of the time goes. Yes queue up for 45 minutes, ride over in 3 (!).

Our top things to do: Space Mountain, Captain EO, Stitch Live, Disney Dreams!, Buzz Lightyear laser blast and taking the steam train from one side of the park to the other.

There’s a few more photos here.


5 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris”

  • So fun! I’ve been to Disney a few times and always enjoyed it, no matter how I old I was at the time.
    Looks like you did decently on the food front- the portobello burger and fries look tasty.
    Just a heads up in case you didn’t realize that special K contains milk powder!

  • great tip on the steakhouse! we ended up leaving agrabah cafe and asking for a refund as one of the cooks came out and confirmed that a lot of the stuff was cooked in meat broth so I refused to pay 25 eur to eat pita bread.

    We had our single worst dining experience ever at Rainforest cafe where the waiter called us “abnormal” for wanting our veggie burger without sauce or cheese.

    We go back in October, and now really looking forward to that portobello burger! our usual is to bring in hummous and olive tapenade and baguettes, so a real meal is something to look forward to!

    • How rude!

      Funnily enough I had quite a lot of hummus baguette in Spain recently!

      Hope you have better luck/customer service next time. Enjoy!

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