Liebe: Berlin Edition

18th December 2013

A special Berlin edition of things I loved during our trip this month:

Berliner Fernsehturm (TV Tower). Mr Ikeda started to mock the amount of angles and times I took photos of it. It’s super spacey looking, you can go right to the top.

Coffein Centrale. We got to Oh La La too early so had a coffee in a little shop further up the road. I loved the huge tins of coffee and coffee grinding machine out on display. I am pretty sure my decaf was made from barley and Mr Ikeda said his proper stuff was REALLY good.

Oh La La. A French pastry shop, selling amongst other things Mr Ikeda approved crepes.

They have a whole menu of sweet and savoury options. I went for Vendetta which was filled with tomato, basil, vegan mozzarella (Mozzerisella I think) and vegan cheddar. Mr Ikeda kept it simple with just icing sugar on his, it also came with whipped cream.

♥ Vöner. You will notice lots of kebab shops in Berlin, a taxi driver told us this was due to all the Turkish in the area, so I guess it really is no surprise that Berlin also has its very own vegan kebab shop. Get the original doner which comes in amazing bread with the delicious creamy yogurt dressing.

East Side Gallery. The remaining part of the Berlin Wall has been made into a art gallery with painted murals and a section of graffiti on the flip side facing the river. Unfortunately the symbolism of the wall has been no deterrent to the graffiti (and sticker bombing and fly posting) widespread in Berlin.

♥ Trains. U-bahn S-bahn are super accessible and easy to use. Mostly we walked everywhere but found them handy as we only had 2 days to do everything we wanted.

Veganz. This ALL vegan shop is coming to London next year. The store in Berlin stocks Tofurkey, cheeses galore (Vegusto, Daiya etc) plus ton of Vantastic Foods items.

They also have a small cafe called Goodies where I bought an amazing Casear salad wrap. Upstairs is a shoe shop and Italian restaurant.

Cupcake. There was only one vegan cupcake left  when I got there but it was a good one. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, had to leave the last bit of icing (too sweet for me!) but the cake itself was delicious and moist.

See more photos here.

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