L♥ve: Christmas Edition

25th December 2013

Some of the Christmassy things I am loving at the moment:

♥ Advent Calendars. Two guaranteed nut free vegan calendars for the Lil Man this year.

♥ Christmas at Disneyland Paris. I still have the Noel parade song running through my head.

♥ Vegg nog. Recipe here.

♥ Ice skating at the Natural History Museum.

♥ Christmas present labels circa 1990. How I thought to keep these things I don’t know.

♥ UK vegan food swap. I sent my swap partner a whole load of Christmassy items this month including a candy cane, Christmas pies, gingerbread porridge, a Christmas pudding and some limited edition cinnamon Pringles. Read my partner Vegan Vox‘s blog about it and see what I received.

♥ Christmas stocking. This one used to be Mr Ikeda’s, now the Lil Man gets to use it. Wrapped up are some goodies from Disneyland and a set of dominos I am looking forward to playing with him later.




2 thoughts on “L♥ve: Christmas Edition”

    • Didn’t try them myself so don’t know how good they were, they also did a mint choc flavour (not vegan) this year, those Pringles kids are ker-razy!

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