6th January 2014

Some of the last few things I was loving in 2013:

♥ Museums. December saw us visiting three, none of which I have ever been to before. Shocking for a 37 year old Londoner I know.


Natural History

Museum of Childhood

♥ Vegan burger. From Gallery Cafe. I was expecting a Fry’s but it was some other really decent patty, not however keen on the greasy mayo although I think it was homemade.

The Gallery Café on Urbanspoon

 bioOrganic. We were sent a sample to try out and I loved it so much I just bought the bigger bottles they have. It smells like the Aveda shampoo I used to love before I boycotted them. I haven’t used conditioner for probably about 4 years, I forgot how good it is at stopping the tangles in your hair.

♥ VBites smoked salmon. I have been waiting to try this since last December and am yet to find them in any stores. I managed to get mine at Animal Aid along with some very other needy vegans. I was worried it would be too fishy, but not at all. I had several breakfasts of it with a thick layer of cream cheese on toast with lots of black pepper and a good squeeze of lemon. I want more!!!

♥ Books. I am pretty easy to buy Christmas/birthday presents for (being such a bookworm and all) especially when there are so many great vegan cookbooks* coming out ALL the time. Seriously it’s like a culinary (cruelty free) onslaught, I cannae keep up Captain!

*The Little Paris Kitchen is not vegan but I have a bit of a girl crush on Ms Khoo and enjoy veganising recipes.


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4 thoughts on “L♥ve”

  • Oh my goodness…I have my own bookshelf just for my cookbooks…thought I had all of the modern ones but not heard of Bryant Terry before. The cheesy vegan looks interesting, is it like cheesy tasting recipes?
    Also are these on par with Isa Chandra Moskiwitz/Terry Hope Romero and Melissa Morgan’s books? Those are my vegan queens and have yet to find anyone who even comes close. Though miriam Sotrell is good (Mouthwatering vegan).
    I got Isa’s latest book last week. Have made the swede and star anise soup and am making falafel burgers tmoz for dinner but I will add some violife cheese and a griddled portobello mushroom in it…all sandwiched in a pitta bread. Yeehar

    • The Bryant Terry ones are quite old now really. The Cheesy Vegan I was expecting to have recipe that didn’t actually require cheese being added to them, but there are recipes to make your own in it.

      I couldn’t say how good these are yet, I have a bit of a back log of cookbooks to try! I have two of Terry’s yet to try also, I loved Celine Steens sandwich book (how are you getting on with that?) am working my way through another of hers. Cookin’ Crunk is another one I am enjoying at the moment.

  • Oooh cooking crunk! I have her food sub one and the sandwich one…the sandwich one is good though they take me so long we have them as a meal lol. I made tbe bierolls but found out I hate saurkraut…hadn’t tried it before. I will make again using baked kale or cabbage instead! Haha.

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