Tower of London

12th January 2014

My adventures in London continue, this week I had the great privilege of an after hours tour of the Tower of London. The Tudor era is one of my favourite periods in history and reading plenty of Philippa Gregory lately means I was familiar with most of the scandal and residents of the Tower.

We were given a guided tour by a Yeoman Warder (also known as Beefeaters) in full uniform.

{ Here he is striking a pose }

Now you know what he looks like here follows some Where’s Yeoman photos:

 { Traitor’s Gate}

{White Tower}

We then retreated to the Yeoman Warder’s Club for a cheeky lager shandy before the Ceremony of The Keys (Who’s keys?! Queen Elizabeth’s keys!) began.

The ceremony is the oldest surviving military ceremony and has not been missed in 700 hundred years, being late only once in all that time. It is essentially the locking up of the Tower at 9.53pm every single night and has never been photographed or filmed (but shhh I found these, which I think are actually a reenactment rather than the actual ceremony itself).

It was such an interesting evening, walking through history with new London fighting to get attention over the Tower walls. Many thanks to YW Rob who did a stellar job of entertaining and educating us and his wife Marie for arranging this unique experience.

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